Dance Laura Dance

Feb 17, 2021

Last weekend we had the best Valentines we could have hoped for. Thanks to you, we managed to shoot the first of the music videos; Dance Laura Dance.

Friday Morning we all got our Covid tests, waited in trepidation, then celebrated when all the results came back conclusive, the shoot could go ahead.

We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to carry out such a creative endeavour, when most of our industry has been locked down. It felt great to have the band back together, even just for a weekend.

The shoot was a massive success. Our creative team, headed by Laura Weston and Brad Foster from State of Flux and Alex Jones, our DOP, were incredible. It all looks fantastic. Our dancer/actor Lydia McNulty moved all day with such energy and emotion, and will carry our story of recovery and hope beautifully.  We can’t wait to show you all. We’re thinking April for the release.

We also manged to do some promo work for our next single release, Wild Folk. Our make up artist Brodie Mayhew painted our faces, as we donned top hats and tails and danced like our lives depended on it! It all looks suitably crazed and will be a fitting accompaniment for when the song drops next month.  The actual Wild Folk vid will also be shot next month if all goes to plan. 

AND thanks for all the AENGUS' FOOL streams so far. We’re overwhelmed and humbled and very very happy. Keep playing the song and sharing it around the world!

Loads of love,

Jack, Tom, Alex, Joe and Nuwan x

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